Feeling unhappy, stuck or unable to achieve your full potential?

Life Coaching might be for you.

Just like athletes need coaches for support, encouragement and insight, everyone can benefit from having a personal life coach who is dedicated to helping them identify and plan their goals, as well as stay motivated and focused on achieving them.


I’m a certified life coach who is passionate about helping others.

I work with my clients to identify their purpose, set achievable goals and develop their action plan towards meaningful outcomes. At every step of the way, I provide sincere support and encouragement, and empower my clients with tools and techniques that can produce amazing results.

My credentials
  • I’m a Certified Professional Life Coach (Fowler International Academy).
  • I also hold a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management (Royal Roads University).
  • My BCom is in Marketing (University of Ottawa) and I received extensive training in leadership, communications and change management.
  • I completed Advanced Project Management certification (Stanford University).
  • I have over 18 years of diverse professional experience, with more than a decade in leading effective teams.
My approach
One of my favourite quotes is: “all change is not growth, as all movement is not forward” (Ellen Glasgow).

Over the last few years, I researched, studied and utilized different models, processes and systems. I then took the best practices of each, and enhanced them with observations from my own professional experiences in project management, strategic planning, performance measurement, change management and effective team leadership. The result is a holistic approach to life coaching that is grounded in reliable techniques and guided by the specific circumstances of each client.

My approach is comfortable and comforting. My style is friendly and laid back. As your life coach, I cast no judgement. I’ll be next to you every step of the way, and I will provide you with the tools and techniques that help you build momentum and stay focused.

Why I'm different
Most life coaches are driven by the calling to create positive change and make the world a better place. In that sense I’m no different, however my approach is unique. I do not follow one school of thought or use a singular generic process. Life coaching is not an exact science, and as such there is no one size fits all solution. My style is flexible and client-centered. I don’t walk you through a pre-determined process. I build a custom designed process that fits your needs and guarantees results for you.

Also, I view life coaching as a partnership. I hold you accountable and keep you focused, but you need to be committed. I make sure you’re motivated and on plan, but you need to do the work. This collaborative approach is proven to achieve killer results and create lasting change, because the focus is on the journey not only the destination.

My specialization
Life coaching specialization refers to the coach’s area of expertise and interest. This includes career coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, weight loss coaching, self confidence, time management, etc. Personally, I find these titles limiting and unclear. I also believe that success (in anything) is not something you pursue … it is rather the thing you attract by becoming the person you need to be.

So alternatively, I prefer to define my specialization by what I’ve mastered. I can help you:

  • find your purpose
  • change your bad habits
  • create a magnificent lifestyle
  • gain control of your life
  • become genuinely happy
  • stay motivated
  • define and realize your full potential
  • overcome major obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • increase your self confidence
  • make your dreams a reality
  • choose your feelings
  • see problems as opportunities
  • achieve a higher level of self-awareness
  • learn how to deal with conflict
  • set goals and achieve them
  • connect with your true self
  • manage stress and attain work/life balance
  • plan your career and personal growth
  • manage time
  • become the person you “need” to be
What to expect
I am committed to:

  • maintaining a professional relationship with my clients at all times
  • always keeping my clients’ interests above mine
  • maintaining, guarding and guaranteeing my clients’ confidentiality
  • developing lasting relationships built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and respect with every client I serve
  • using all of my professional experience, energy and focus to helping every client
  • expecting success from every client I serve, and not limiting my expectations by my clients’ past performances
  • encouraging my clients to believe in themselves, set realistic goals, take appropriate actions and celebrate success
  • providing my clients with a safe and nurturing coaching experience which will allow them to be themselves without fear of judgment, criticism or failure.

It is important to emphasize that although life coaching is not considered counseling or psychotherapy, you can still expect the same level of confidentiality that you’d have with your doctor or lawyer. Also, all documentation from our sessions is kept safe and secure; and it is maintained separately from your personal identification information such as name or phone number.

My rates
I offer every potential client a FREE no-strings-attached consultation where I answer of your questions regarding the process and what you can expect from our sessions. The consultation also presents an opportunity for both of us to see if we’re a good fit or not.

Please note that I don’t employ any sales tactics during our interactions. I believe that if you need my services, then I have something great to offer.

 Life Coaching
$300 per month (2 x 60 minute sessions)
$150 per hour

Gift certificates are available.

If you want to jump start the rest of your life, if you’re looking for structure and a solid process for achieving your goals, then get in touch with me today. Consultations are FREE.

Also make sure you download your copy of my eBook. It’s FREE, full of useful information and it’s guaranteed to empower you with a new perspective on life.